Some people like it classical

Maximum house on a minimum plot

Land with an area of 340 sq meters.

The maximum allowable built-up area 20%.

The maximum allowable number of storeys 1 +1.

Requirements and client ideas:

4-bedroom basement brick house with a traditional gable roof with solar panels.

The primary source of heating tiled stove.

South, sun terrace from the living room.

The plot parking for 1 car

Preserve some part of the land as garden

Our design:

Situation - built up area 70 sq meters - 20.6% of the plot.

Currently, the draft has turned into realized shell construction. We made it before the winter, completion process will start on next spring.

If the owner does not hurry (our case), such splitting into two time periods with the winter break has its distinct advantages.


1. Firstly we draw a project to get a building permit, than the structural work is done, house is cover with roof, closed, winterized.

2. During the winter break, the owner and architect can go trough real space of the house, can sit without time pressure (would be the case if, after the implementation of the construction site continued steadily in the completion of the house) tune, possibly even make minor changes to the maximum satisfaction . It will do the interior design project. Construction will dry, any possible leaks or other disorders which can occur, can be easily fixed in spring...

3. Completion (distribution, technology, insulation, interior, around the house, ..)

Base plate

Basement from shuttering blocks, concrete is poured later

The blocks forming the walls of the basement are already embedded in concrete, a ceiling slab formwork is built

The reinforcement and formwork ceiling slab, on the border with thermal insulation, omitted hole for stairs

1st floor of brick masonry, later will come home insulation

The ceiling board the first floor in the process

Concreting of the ceiling slab above the first floor

Formwork, reinforcement and insulation of the future concrete rim in the attic

Concreting of of stairs

Roof in the process


Completion of rough structure