Niko Home Control - the new electrical installation

Niko Home Control - new electrical installation - it offers much more than traditional electrical installation. This is the electric installation that allows you to control all functions in your home, monitor energy consumption and create a comfortable environment - all from one central location.


Push buttons - all the buttons used in the installation Niko Home Control are available in the same design as the switch series Niko Pure and Niko Intense. They are available with or without LED for status control features that allow you to easily find out if you, for example, left the light on for a basement.

You can choose from a wide range of options:

Light control

Ventilation control

Dimmer control


Simple motor control  

Mood control

Touch screen - touch screen allows you to control all the functions in your home such as starting or stopping the lights, dimming lights, starting or stopping the heating, control electric blinds, etc. from one central location. It also displays information about your consumption of electricity, gas and water at any time.

Smartphone - your installation Niko Home Control can also be easily controlled by applications for smartphone, allowing you to access all the functions within your home.

Eco-display - Eco-display shows the amount of energy that is consumed in the home at any time during the day and at night. It provides an overview of the consumption of electricity, gas and / or water and energy production solar panels.

Niko Home Control options are as follows:

Energy saving - when used sensibly can save from 5 to 15% energy. The installation gives you an overview of your consumption of electricity, gas and water and the amount of energy from your solar panels. Eco-display provides you with information about your current energy consumption. It gives you the opportunity to significantly reduce their energy consumption with just one eco-button.

Comfortable dimming and light control - by Niko Home Control you can effortlessly switch on and dim any light sources in your home. Using creative atmosphere programm you can create different moods for specific opportunities to play with color schemes and thereby provide custom lighting experience.

Smart home ventilation system - ventilation in your home is essential for ensuring a healthy indoor environment. Niko Home Control feature contains intelligent ventilation, which is activated only when necessary.

Central heating only when necessary - not all rooms in your home should be heat at the same time. Niko Home Control offers comfortable and energy efficient solution. Zone heating allows you to heat any room at different times, for example in the bathroom 7:00 to 8:00 and after 20:00, while in living spaces you can enable heating for example from 17:00 - after the arrival from work.

Automatic control electric blinds and awnings - time settings determine when the electric shutters or awnings are opened or retracted. Even if you are not at home, shades can be adjusted to be triggered when the temperature inside reaches a certain level.

Controls horizontal and vertical blinds - Niko Home Control helps eliminate the need to run expensive air conditioning units. Even when you are not home, horizontal or vertical blinds can be set to be launched itself if the temperature in your home reaches a certain level.