Building a house - from scratch - part 2

In the first part, we showed you photos of excavation, construction of foundations, basement slab, waterproofing of horizontal structures, in the second part of our series, we will show you the construction of vertical structures - basement and 1st floor. The basement is built as a monolithic reinforced concrete structure, 1st floor is built of traditional bricks Porotherm with thickness of 30 cm. Other non-bearing walls were built of aerated concrete blocks.

Preparation for concreting of the basement - inner side the formwork is already built.

View of the formwork from the inside - the future garage and basement.

Outer side of the formwork is built - basement is ready for concreting.

Basement concrete walls.

Completed reinforcement of the garage ceiling.

View from the street - formwork for the console above the entrance to the garage.

Installation of waterproofing membranes in two layers.

Finished basement waterproofing.

Thermal insulation of the basement - extruded polystyrene /styrodur/ with thickness of 100mm.

Installation of thermal insulation, in the photo you can also see the original well, which was elevated to the final ground level by concrete rings.

Insulated concrete base for the cellarless part of the house. Identical modified bitumen membranes with anti-radon aluminium layer that in isolation of basement were used.

Completed base plate.

Masonry work on the 1st floor.

Masonry work on the 1st floor - view from the street.

Masonry works on the console above the entrance to the garage.

Construction of the formwork for the main console above the future terrace.

Completed masonry work executed on the 1st floor + roof and concrete consoles.

Installation of roof sealing.

Installation of roof sealing.

Detail of the corner.

Non-bearing interior walls.

View of the future kitchen and dining room.

Finished rough structure of the house.

Finished rough structure of the house.

Finished rough structure of the house. In the third part of the series we will show you work which was done after the winter break - installation of internal wiring, electrical installation Niko Home Control, windows, thermal insulation..